Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Elliot Padfield?

Elliot Padfield is a 17-year-old entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and consultant. He has given speeches in over 10 countries and often works with schools.

How Old Is Elliot Padfield?

Elliot Padfield is 17 Years Old.

What Does Elliot Padfield Invest In?

Elliot maintains a wide portfolio of investments. He prefers to take active roles in as many investments as possible. He launched The Invictus Group in 2018 to manage his private investments worldwide. To learn more about The Invictus Group, please contact us, or to learn more about his thoughts on investment, read the following interview from the The Telegraph.

What Companies Does Elliot Padfield Own?

Elliot’s primary role, at this time, is President of The Invictus Group. The Invictus Group is his private investment company, specializing in M&A and the scaling of small businesses. Public investment opportunities in The Invictus Group are being considered.

Where did Elliot Padfield get his money?

Elliot is entirely self-made and his work has taken him from your average British teenager to a multi-millionaire, international entrepreneur.

Can I Contact Elliot Padfield?

You can contact Elliot on his ‘Contact’ page. Elliot & his team review all submissions and will attempt to respond to as many questions & requests for advice as possible. You are also welcome to submit short executive summaries about investments or opportunities Elliot may be interested in. We cannot guaruntee review nor response.

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