👋 I’m Elliot Padfield, an entrepreneur & investor.

📈Most people know me for running my advertising agency, Padfield Media which works with high-growth brands to acquire customers using TikTok ads.

🤝 Working with founders is my passion & I regularly invest in and advise early-stage technology startups.

🛒 I’ve built and acquired a number of direct-to-consumer e-commerce brands.

🏡 I’m British but currently spend most of my time in London, UK & Los Angeles, USA.

✈️ Dubai, New York City, & Ft. Lauderdale have all been my home at various points too.

Work with me

Padfield Media

If you represent a, my team at Padfield Media would be happy to help.

> Visit Padfield Media

Consulting & Advisory

I’ve consulted and advised in a number of settings on GTM, marketing strategy, & social media.

Please contact me if you are interested.

💸 Investing

I’m a passionate value-add investor writing checks from $5k to $100k in pre-seed & seed-stage startups.

Here’s the info you need:

🧑 I always look at the founders first. Founders who inspire me & build trust are the ones I invest in. Solo founders are just as great as teams. I look for examples of how you’ve demonstrated skills rather than experience for experience’s sake.

💬 Companies should be in a position for me to add significant value. I’m a firm believer that investors should deserve their allocation. Unless I can see a clear path for me to provide a unique value-add other investors can’t offer, the company isn’t for me.

💳 Companies must be capital efficient. A clear monetization model or path exit should be present even when other elements of strategy are undeveloped.

🕕 I invest early. Early in companies (usually the first raise) and early in the round.

👋 Warm intros are great (it’s an easy way to prove you know how to build relationships) but I consider cold pitches with equal gravity.

For Startups

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