Elliot Padfield

Elliot Padfield

I design growth strategies that turn potential into profit.

I work with the world's most ambitious brands spanning tech, e-commerce, and influencers from day-one, steering their growth trajectories with bespoke strategies and dynamic leadership.

Hi there,

I'm Elliot Padfield, a growth operator & entrepeneur with a passion for cutting through the noise and creating novel strategies that outperform.

I'm currently working as a growth consultant & fractional growth lead for a variety of high-growth companies across technology, e-commerce, & content creation.

Previously, I led growth for a portfolio of influencer-branded companies and was an EIR for a family office. Before that, I built and sold a number of companies, the most recent being a logistics facility (acq. '21).

Outside of work, I love travelling (I've lived in 4 countries) and am interested in health & longevity. You'll also find me building side projects to fix problems I have.

If you'd like to chat, the best way to reach me is via X (@elliotpadfield) or email (elliot[at]elliotpadfield.com).

Please direct speaking and press enquiries to press[at]elliotpadfield.com



Elliot Padfield

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Work with me

I have limited availability but am accepting new clients. While tech and e-commerce are my usual foci, my experience spans from politics to hospitality so reach out and I'll let you know if I can help.

One-Off Consultations

For one-off consults between 15 mins and an hour, I now take bookings via Intro.

Book a consult

Growth Consulting

I work with companies on adhoc, sprint, & long-term advisory engagements. I can help with:

  • GTM & growth strategy
  • Finding low-hanging fruit
  • Tooling advice
  • Churn reduction
  • PMF assessments
  • Scaling & systems


Fractional Growth Lead

This ranges anywhere from having me in Slack for your team to ask questions anytime, to me running your entire growth function for up to a year.


Accountability Coaching

Started after requests from a few founder friends, it's become a favorite of the ADHD crowd.

We'll meet one a month for an OKR check-in, and then weekly for 30 minutes to keep you on track.

Includes access to me via email and text for quick questions.


Screenshot of Twitter Testimonial from Charley
Screenshot of Twitter Testimonial from Charley
Screenshot of Twitter Testimonial from Charley
Screenshot of Twitter Testimonial from Charley