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16-Year-Old Leader, Coach & Education Consultant.

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What I do

I Consult.

Sharing my knowledge is a great passion. I work with brands, influencers and educators to help them with their objectives.

I Speak.

I’m an experienced keynote speaker working at events of all kinds on entrepreneurship, innovation and education. I’m also often found speaking to students in high schools.

I Write.

Sharing wisdom is a constant aim of mine. I write on a variety of topics including entrepreneurship and education. I’m writing my debut book and have a course launching soon. You’ll often find me as a guest on podcasts.

Need advice?

Whoever you are and whatever you are trying to achieve, I’m here to help. With experience from international airports to rural schools to TikTok superstars, I can provide great value to you.

My Books & Courses

As well as my regular blog content, I occasionally publish e-books. You can find them here along with books and courses I have created.


“There’s no doubt that Mr Padfield is incredibly talented but what we noticed was the eloquence with which he delivered his session. He engaged the room with an almost superhuman affinity and injected an important message into the heads of us all.

We’re amazed by his talent not only as an entrepreneur but as a speaker”

International High School Activites Director - Dubai, UAE

During my long career in education, Elliot is the most powerful speaker I have ever encountered. From what I saw today, he is the greatest, most authentic motivator, reminding us all of the power we already have in us to help ourselves and help each other. 

Elliot was the talk of the conference and has shaped our strategy that we use to support students.”

Director of Outreach & Events - The American Foundation of American Excellence

My story

Elliot Padfield is one of the UK’s leading young entrepreneurs with security, real estate, and healthcare businesses. He is now an investor and public speaker.

When most of us are knee-deep into assignments and playing video games during our free-time in college, there are a few extraordinary people who are busy making headlines and rewriting history at that age. One such extraordinary individual is 16-year-old British student, Elliot Padfield, who has established and built a number of global brands.

He manages Padfield International, a maritime security and intelligence brand, and The Invictus Group, a real estate and investment group. He’s also worked to launch a number of startups including Padfield Social, Elion Health and HydroPonica.

Padfield has now turned to public speaking and investing as his way of giving back to the community. He believes that his work as a public speaker is a channel for inspiration and education, which gave him his focus on nurturing young leaders through talks in schools as well as complementing internal CPD programs.

According to famousbirthdays.com, Elliot is set to be the next face of entrepreneurship and is likened to Gary Vaynerchuk in his early career.

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