16-year-old teen entrepreneur & speaker

Entrepreneur, author, public speaker & young politician

Young Entrepreneur

Elliot started his journey into business at a very young age and now holds intelligence, healthcare and property businesses.


Young Politician

Elliot is a passionate political campaigner who is currently representing the young people of Kent in the chamber of the KYCC (as Councillor) and Youth Parliament (as MYP).


Public Speaker & Podcaster

Elliot has a great passion for public speaking and has experience talking about entrepreneurship, innovation, education and politics. He is also planning to produce a semi-live semi-live video podcast.



Elliot has written a series of articles for publications and is working on his first book.


Invictus Homes

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Elion Health

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Padfield International

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In Other Words

More testimonials available at speaking.elliotpadfield.com

“I’ve worked with Elliot to help kickstart enterprise schemes in schools and levels of motivation are insane. He is the embodiment of a growth mindset and is never complacent. I can’t wait to see the progress of his new healthcare technology company.”

Tegan Bradley
CEO @ ATX Technologies

“Elliot spoke to our students about entrepreneurship and taking the challenging option. He is really passionate about what he does and his message about constant learning inspired quite a few students to try to learn programming or a musical instrument.”

Naomi P
vice principal(UK)

“I first met Elliot when he spoke at an SME event and have loved his work ever since. I was a tester for his online course and it was just content (which isn’t always what you want to hear) which is what Elliot is all about.”

Zak Duffy
Small business owner

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Latest News & Blog Posts

Elliot loves to write about everything from productivity and entrereneurship to politics and current affairs. You will also find all the episodes of The Elliot Padfield Show here, aswell as any press releases or pieces of news about Elliot.

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